Monday, January 31, 2011

When I was a young girl...

OK. So that wasn't actually that long ago..but I AM starting to feel old! I'm finding grey hairs (which might have had something to do with why I got highlights & up my 'cool' factor!) & my eyes are looking tired all. the. time. (might have something to do with working night shifts & a baby..)




When I was younger, and out & about having fun & dating..I never gave much thought to the fact that all these boys I liked to flirt with were some woman's son. Then I had Aiden & now EVERYONE is SOMEONE's baby. It's true. It really is. But, I'm really only particularly concerned with MY little baby boy. See, I remember how I was when I was dating...and I swear if some girl is mean to my little boy...!!!!!

OK, I know that I can't be that crazy mom. I just can't go out & egg a girl's car if she breaks my son's heart. But I'll sure want to! And I'll have a hard time not actually doing it! But I won't.

However, I did have this genius epiphany the other night about what I CAN do when it comes to Aiden dating. See, during highschool, there were multiple occasions where, instead of going out to a pricey restaraunt for a date/dance, my friends & I (with a lot of assistance from our mother's) would make a nice dinner at home. It was great! Yummy food, cute decorations, waaaay cheaper! I always was so greatful to my mom for helping me out with this. She really was (and still is) the greatest mommy ever! So, I want to be that great mommy, too. And come Aiden's first dance I'll offer to make dinner. And you know what I'm going to make? The exact same dinner I made for Jeff and I the other night:

Garlic sauteed chicken cutlets with broccoli & blue cheese sauce!

Sounds delicious, right?

It is!

Know what else it is?

Super Stinky!!

Yup! Bad breath will reign SUPREME! There will be NO kissing!

In fact, they won't even want to hold hands...

Case in point: after eating this meal Jeff informed me that it was quite tasty. But that I would not be coming within a few feet of him for the rest of the night. And he was right :)

Mommy wins!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Guess What I want for Christmas....

So you all know that I'm obsessed with sleep, right? Riiiiight? Well, if you didn't, you do now. I am truly obsessed..I can't stop thinking about sleep..example: I read an add in a magazine for some super energizing beverage & I'm like 'that sounds great. You know what sounds even greater? SLEEPING. Then I wouldn't need the caffienated beverage! Then, on the next page of the magazine I see some super skinny model in some super cute dress & I'm like 'oh, she's cute..I like that dress, I bet I'd look cute in it, too..but you know what would make me look REALLY cute? Sleep.' Yeah..'cause I've never looked so tired & blotchy & OLD in my life! Not when I was dating my husband & up till 5am with him, then at work at 6:30am till 3pm, all while going to school. I looked freakin' uh-mazing then. Now, I just look like someone smeared my mascara under my eyes..permanently. Ugh.

OK, so, the point of this post is to tell you a funny sleep story. Aiden & I took a little trip to the mall yesterday. We shopped. We strolled. Then we got a sandwich. And while we're sitting in the food court enjoying our turkey-&-provolone-on-wheat-with-apple-slices I notice that Aiden is eyeballing the carousel a few yards away. He keeps twisting in his highchair to looooooook at it (have I mentioned he is INCREDIBLY mobile these days? And that I haven't babyproofed anything in my's AWESOME!) So I decide he'd probably like a ride on the carousel. We pay our ride-the-carousel-fee & select a nice looking pony. I buckle Aiden on, he grabs the bar & put my hand on his back..we start spinning...he's loving it..then about 6 mins in to the ride he just suddenly slumps to the side & slides right off the horse into my arms! Yeah, I kinda freaked out! My mind is racing through possibilities...did he choke? Did he faint? Do I have a fainting goat for a son? THEN, I realize that nothing that dramatic has occured...oh, no! My son has simply been spun to sleep. While sitting upright.

If that doesn't tell me he's tired, I don't know what will.