Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's A Wonderful Life!


Thanks Jen, for the tag...I needed something to cheer me up today!

20 years ago. . 1988: Wow, I was only 4..and I don't remember a whole lot honestly. I was kind of a bratty, older-sister type who liked to boss my siblings around! But if anyone else dared pick on them I would get piiiiisssssed! That is still true to this day! I liked to get up early and eat breakfast w/ my grandpa before he would go to grandma made mean oatmeal w/ tons of brown sugar and raisins..yum!

10 years ..1998: I was 13, getting into trouble alot! I think I enjoyed antagonizing my parents! I loved to flirt even though I would never admit to being boy crazy! I also recall having a slight allergy to food, as in afraid of it sticking to my body...not such a great memory! But when I went to Thanksgiving w/ my mom's family that year, my cousin, Krystal, seemed to notice that i was having a really hard time. And she went out of her way to tell me she loved me..that really helped alot and she will always be one of my very best friends! I was also really into playing I managed to do that and 'not like' food still baffles me!

5 years..2003: One year out of highschool!!! I thought I was invincible :) I worked a couple various jobs..all medically related since I got my Medical Assisting Certificate my senior year. I worked in a family practice (loved it!) and emergency room (hated it) and a neurologists office (DEFINATELY hated that!)...I quit the ER and neuro & sent my then boyfriend on a mission to Taiwan. At the time that kinda sucked. I then launched into the worst dating relationship of my life, which I gratefully ended just in the nick of time (we were supposed to get married in 2 weeks!) I learned alot about life & people from that experience..and while I would never wish it on anyone else it contributed hugely to the person I have become. After I broke up with him I immediately became a much happier person!

3 Years...2005: Ah, what a wonderful, wonderful year!! That boyfriend in Taiwan...he came home soon after I ended things w/ the nightmare boyfriend I almost married (Yes, I was a bit of a player). Things didn't work out..which is the best thing that ever happened to me! I started nursing school & was constantly seconds away from either bursting into hysterics or killing someone!! (those of you who can relate know EXACTLY what I mean!!!) I moved in with my friend/co-worker who then introduced me to my amazing Jeffrey Scott Newman!! It was totally an accident that we wound up together, actually. He was my friend's 'backup plan'. She was dating someone else seriously but it was quite obvious to me that she had a crush on Jeff. She talked about him CONSTANTLY! Well after a month or two of hearing about her 'good friend' she took me over to his place to meet his roommate, who had just broken up with his girlfriend. She thought we could date..haha. I saw Jeff & immediately thought he was the hottest guy ever! I still do:) ANYWHO, he was fresh out of a disaster engagement so it took us both a while to realize we were going to wind up together..the story just keeps going and going..but the gist of it is that we tied the knot May 4th, 2006 & I could never find someone more perfect for me. Really.

1 Year..2007: Started my first official job as a registered nurse on East was a challenge...not gonna lie! I was so close to breaking down in tears my first day! But I can't think of anywhere else I would rather work...cancer has been my business for almost 5 years now & nothing else has the same satisfaction & fulfillment at the end of the day! Jeff & I celebrated our 1st anniversary w/ a killer camping trip & had a great summer vacay in Bear Lake. Honestly, alot of the year was spent adjusting to my mood swings (job related), and me adjusting to what it really means to be married...I've had to reign in my OCD tendancies so I don't drive Jeff crazy! And he's gotten really good at containing his piles of mail so I don't go nuts! ANYWHO, I'm still madly in love with him, even when I want to bury him in a pile of his own magazines:) As I've already stated, I couldn't have found anyone more perfect for made the hell of my previous relationship SO worth it!

So Far This Year: Hmmmm...well, we put our house up for sale..we'd really love it if it would sell!! We're building a house in Lehi..I'm so excited about it!!! But it's all dependant on if we sell our place. I WILL be kinda sad if we do, though. Our current place is in North Salt Lake and it is SO convenient! Great area..great amenities, close to everything..I have a wonderful commute! 'Nuf said! Honestly, I will be happy in a freakin' cardboard box if I have my honey :)

Yesterday: Started in Bear Lake...oh sooooo wonderful! Jeff and I drove up there for the weekend just to get away and it was relaxing..even though in was freezing cold! We headed for home early, luckily, because the areas of the road were covered in snow drifts..I love that I can drive in the car with Jeff and we don't have to say anything..but at other times we have such a blast teasing each other! So we got home, unpacked & crashed for the afternoon until I had to leave for work...and here I am!

Today: Hmmmm...well, it's been a continuation of last night...sick, sick, sick patients...I feel so awful when there's nothing I can do to take away their misery. I hate that the cure can be worse than the disease..I just don't have the energy to describe how frustrating it is!!! But I love it..I really and truly is a wonderful job and it puts my life in perspective. I don't have problems when I look at what my patients face. They are amazing.

OK, well I'm really tired..and Jen already tagged I'm double tagging them :) Cheryl, Rachael, Wendy...I'll add some...Steph, Kateka..let's hear it laydeeez!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Quick Things!

OK, so just like it says above..2 quick things: FIRST: I am so ask why? The bangs Natalie cut for me a little over a month ago are FINALLY growing out so I don't have to do them...or pin them back w/ bobby pins (my most common choice) YAY!!!! Not that they weren't cute, they were...when Natalie did them :) I always love how you do my hair, my dear :) and SECOND: why, oh, WHY do my socks always go missing???? I have been reduced to using Jeff's all winter because I hate buying new ones!!! But spring is here and i want more ankle socks. So people! Let's hear the theories on MIA socks!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ramblings of a mad woman

OK, so I'm going to try my hand at this blog thing...everyone else seems to have one & they are so entertaining to read...especially when I'm working my night shifts & need to stay awake. I tend to ramble...bear with me! Honestly, I'll be flattered if even one other person reads this!

So, here I am, working a night shift (my last one this week, thank GOODNESS!) reading everyone's blogs...I got started on this when I googled my friend, Amber, who I haven't talked to in ages (since she did my wedding pics, actually) and found HER blog...and surprise! She has a cute little baby girl now...I remember my mom mentioning she was pregnant...THEN I remember that another girl I went to highschool with, Kateka, who I recently exchanged a couple emails w/, has a blog I hightaled it over to her site. Now she has got some funny stuff on hers..she always was so much fun to talk to...anywho, I digress...along w/ her hilarious stories, she's got links to other people's blogs..people I went to school w/...I start looking at their blogs....everyone has kids! Cute little midgets! I have NEVER been baby hungry..not in all my years of big-sistering/cousin-ing/aunting/babysitting etc...I look at them, hold them, I think they're cute, & yes, I want one or two of my own eventually. But looking at all these people, my age, w/ their adorable families..well, it really starts making me want my own little bundle of joy. I have a couple other things I'd like to get checked off my list, important things, before I (we, actually...can't leave my hubby out of this!) embark on this journey..but MAN I feel like I'm behind! Not that there's really a time line for these things.....

ANYWHO, do you ever have those moments when you feel so disconnected from REAL life? I usually feel that way after I get done w/ my night shifts...I get so thoughtful (ok, tired, really) when I work nights...and little things become big issues...I essentially make mountains out of molehills...haha. I just get so dang emotional..does anyone else have these moments? Of course they do....For example: I was determined to make my hubby a yummy dinner tonight before I left for work. He is always making me gourmet meals & quite frankly, it makes me feel guilty because I'm the one who's supposed to have the mad kitchen skills! So I tried my hand at these asparagus/chicken/black bean enchiladas (they are supposed to be aphrodisiacs ;)..well it was going quite well until I tried to roll the tortillas. They tore. And I was pissed. In fact, I had to stop myself from chucking the glass pan I was putting the enchiladas in accross the kitchen! It was my own little adult version of a temper tantrum! And it was all because I was someone out there PLEASE tell me I am not the only person who regresses when they're tired...because sometimes I feel like I live in a world of perfect people who are always patient & thoughtful & say intelligent things. Jeff is always so patient w/ me when I'm moody, and I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for my outbursts :) And so, on that note, I really can't torture whoever is crazy enough to read this w/ anymore of my insane ramblings :)