Monday, March 24, 2008

Two Quick Things!

OK, so just like it says above..2 quick things: FIRST: I am so ask why? The bangs Natalie cut for me a little over a month ago are FINALLY growing out so I don't have to do them...or pin them back w/ bobby pins (my most common choice) YAY!!!! Not that they weren't cute, they were...when Natalie did them :) I always love how you do my hair, my dear :) and SECOND: why, oh, WHY do my socks always go missing???? I have been reduced to using Jeff's all winter because I hate buying new ones!!! But spring is here and i want more ankle socks. So people! Let's hear the theories on MIA socks!


Rob and Wendy Anderson said...

Ya lets egg em good idea ha ha!!! Anyways I totally understand your bang dilamma I cut mine too short and it honestly took like 2 and a half months to get to where I am now where I can actually wear them down...oh the things we do to our hair sometimes!!

Jen said...

As far as the socks go---just wait until there are 5 different sizes of socks. I can never find the teeny tiny baby socks, they seem to disappear somewhere between the the wash cycle and the dryer