Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Since I'm feeling rather dizzy right now (low blood pressure, I'm assuming..nothing too alarming.) & my motivation is at an all time low, AND I need to post a lil' somethin' on here, I guess I'll update a bit!

So. Like I said: feeling dizzy. That is happening a lot more frequently lately..& really, I'm just chalking it up to low blood pressure..which I'll take over high any day! It happened at work the other day so I checked it & I was 88/50..I'm usually in the 120's/60-70 range so that's a little low..BUT 'they' say it's pretty normal in pregnancy, so I don't think I'll stress about it.

Speaking of stress..I was doing really well there for a while..but I find myself worrying more & more this past week or so, and I don't like it! Stressing STRESSES me out! And it's silly, especially since it's usually over things that I can't control. I'll be running around at work, sit down to do something & be like 'Hmmm..haven't felt the dude (yeah, I call him 'dude') move at all today! And yeah, I know that's normal, esp when you're moving & busy. BUT, being crazy, I go nuts, & I sit there & poke & prod him & jiggle him, & he'll wriggle a bit, & I'll think 'There you are! But seriously, move MORE! I know you're probably sleeping, & I'm annoying you, but if you don't do a jig like, RIGHT NOW, I'm going to freak out, ok?' Of course he doesn't listen..& then I Google 'fetal movement'..blah, blah, blah..you see where this is going? Yeah. I need to chill.

In other news...Jeff has been workin' his booty off! He's working on his Masters right now..in addition to his full-time PLUS job, PLUS training for his Tri in May (did I mention it's an Iron Man? Yeah..my man is awesome!) he is also getting all sorts of schtuff done around the house..like building storage closets in the garage, putting together our guest room (something I shoulda done before I had a bun in the oven), etc. etc. Good thing someone in this marriage has motivation right now!

And for a random tidbit: I would like to go ONE day w/o having to change my shirt at least two times! This belly o' mine has become a catch-all for whatever I'm eating &/or drinking lately! It's ridiculous! I never considered myself a messy eater/drinker..but apparently I am! Eating a sandwich? Tomato on chest! Drinking juice? Nice puddle on the belly..and my personal favorite? Running away from friend trying to pay for lunch? Squished eclair in the boob department! Awesome! (Yeah, Jill, that was YOUR fault!)

Alright! I feel I have done my blogging duty! Go forth & have a marvelous day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

To the lady at the gym...

Who was on the treadmill next to me. She kept looking right over and STARING at me..nothing sneaky about it. So finally I took my headphones out & STAAAARED right back. And she sweetly said:

"I don't think you should be exercising like that when you're pregnant."

Um. Ok. Thanks DOCTOR!

For a split second I had no idea how to respond..then my usual attitude kicked in & I told her that:

A) "I don't think it's any of your business!"


B) "It's actually much healthier when you DO exercise while pregnant!"

'Cause, woman, My labor will be easier because I've exercised this whole pregnancy. My little boy will be smarter & healthier (Yeah, they've done studies..and this is true!) because I've exercised this whole pregnancy. I WILL have my bangin' body back much quicker after I pop the little dude out BECAUSE I'VE EXERCISED THIS WHOLE PREGNANCY!


P.S. Yes, I'm bragging a little bit..'cause dang it, I want to! haha

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Resolve....

"Man, I'm tired!" Those are my favorite words these days..because, well, it's true! I've had my second trimester 'energy spurt' & as I'm heading into my third (I've discovered there's varying opinions as to what week the third tri begins, oddly enough!) I can feel my energy draining away. It might have something to do with the basketball I have strapped to my front, & my inability to find a comfortable sleeping position..I'm not sure!

ANYWHO, as I was doing laundry this morning, & sighing over how MUCH of it there was to do, I of course thought to myself : 'I am SO tired'!

THEN I started thinking about how much MORE tired I'll be when this little munchkin is not so compactly packed & easily portable..when he's waking me up & I'm back at work on night shifts & there's still laundry to be done, and dishes, and errands, and, and, AND......!!!!

THEN I started freaking out a little bit about how I was going to handle it, because, quite frankly, I'm a terrible, terrible person when I'm sleep deprived..& from what I can gather, sleep deprivation is just a part of motherhood...

SO, there I am, in my laundry room, getting ready to hyperventilate..when I realized that if I keep freaking out like this I am going to miss out on something very important:


Yeah. You heard me right: ENJOYING it! As some of you may have gathered..I'm not really of the school that absolutely 'loooooooves' being pregnant. I know you women are out there. And you're crazy, ok? How you can enjoy being clumsy, dropping things, taking an eternity to get shoes on, heartburn, etc. etc. is beyond me! (Feeling him move in there is pretty cool..THAT I'll give ya!)

But I'm going to make a 'New Year's Resolution' to enjoy, to my greatest ability, the rest of my pregnancy..because soon my/our life will be forever changed. And I'm excited for that! Really, I am!

ANYWHO, to those of you who have experienced pregnancy: What did you enjoy about it? And what did you do to relax? And to those of you who haven't had the 'pleasure' yet..what do YOU do to relax (I need suggestions!)

MAN, that was kinda a corny post!