Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hey Y'all!

Since I'm feeling rather dizzy right now (low blood pressure, I'm assuming..nothing too alarming.) & my motivation is at an all time low, AND I need to post a lil' somethin' on here, I guess I'll update a bit!

So. Like I said: feeling dizzy. That is happening a lot more frequently lately..& really, I'm just chalking it up to low blood pressure..which I'll take over high any day! It happened at work the other day so I checked it & I was 88/50..I'm usually in the 120's/60-70 range so that's a little low..BUT 'they' say it's pretty normal in pregnancy, so I don't think I'll stress about it.

Speaking of stress..I was doing really well there for a while..but I find myself worrying more & more this past week or so, and I don't like it! Stressing STRESSES me out! And it's silly, especially since it's usually over things that I can't control. I'll be running around at work, sit down to do something & be like 'Hmmm..haven't felt the dude (yeah, I call him 'dude') move at all today! And yeah, I know that's normal, esp when you're moving & busy. BUT, being crazy, I go nuts, & I sit there & poke & prod him & jiggle him, & he'll wriggle a bit, & I'll think 'There you are! But seriously, move MORE! I know you're probably sleeping, & I'm annoying you, but if you don't do a jig like, RIGHT NOW, I'm going to freak out, ok?' Of course he doesn't listen..& then I Google 'fetal movement'..blah, blah, blah..you see where this is going? Yeah. I need to chill.

In other news...Jeff has been workin' his booty off! He's working on his Masters right now..in addition to his full-time PLUS job, PLUS training for his Tri in May (did I mention it's an Iron Man? Yeah..my man is awesome!) he is also getting all sorts of schtuff done around the house..like building storage closets in the garage, putting together our guest room (something I shoulda done before I had a bun in the oven), etc. etc. Good thing someone in this marriage has motivation right now!

And for a random tidbit: I would like to go ONE day w/o having to change my shirt at least two times! This belly o' mine has become a catch-all for whatever I'm eating &/or drinking lately! It's ridiculous! I never considered myself a messy eater/drinker..but apparently I am! Eating a sandwich? Tomato on chest! Drinking juice? Nice puddle on the belly..and my personal favorite? Running away from friend trying to pay for lunch? Squished eclair in the boob department! Awesome! (Yeah, Jill, that was YOUR fault!)

Alright! I feel I have done my blogging duty! Go forth & have a marvelous day!


Kateka said...

I have low blood pressure too. I am dizzy and near passing out all the time. Hmmm... I wonder if I should do something about that.

Anyway, you are hilarious. You are totally like me and I over-analyze/get paranoid over everything.

One day when I am preggers I'll have to like actually PHYSICALLY catch up with you one day (not like physically, like I wanna grope you or something, but like face to face lets talk instead of thru bloggy or faceybooky) and you can tell me that everything will be okay because I have a feeling I'll be feeling the same way you are (because I can relate even now without being pregnant!!).

PS. Holy cow. You married superman.

Shantaye said...

you need to post some pics of your cute little belly! can't wait to see ya tomorrow!