Thursday, October 15, 2009

One of THOSE days!

And by 'THOSE' days I mean a truly great one! Do you ever wake up in a really wonderful mood, feeling productive & happy for absolutely no good reason except that you have a damn good life? This post will annoy the crap outta' me next time I'm grumpy, I'm sure, but for now I just want to wish you all a fabulous, perfect weather, day..which I will be enjoying by actually cleaning my house, paying my bills & jogging my dog..I hope your day goes just as great, guys!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dear Comcast...

PLEASE bring your glorious service to my neighborhood! PLEASE!! I can't take waving around the little, plastic 'modem' thingy from another, slower, less superior company, just PRAYING for '4 lines of service', instead of 3...(or heaven forbid, 2 lines!) anymore!! Because when I find a spot with 4 lines, it's usually in a spot where I can't set said plastic thingy down! And, it drains my energy, and my motivation, which is in short supply right now as it is!


I'm growing oddly fond of Rachael Ray's talk show (yikes!). The only time that I watch actual TV (we don't have TV..see above prayer as to why..this is actually a good thing, though.) is at the gym. And her show is pretty entertaining. Not to mention, the food she features usually motivates me to run harder! Faster! Stronger! So I can eat it! On a slight tangent: I can't stand her '30 Minute Meal' cookbooks! 30 minutes, my foot! Every recipe requires a gazillion (yes, a gazillion) ingredients. Half of which I can only get if I travel to Zimbabwe. Anywho.

I really want to get the dust ruffle on our bed! We've been in our house for a little over 3 months, & I want to be able to hide stuff under there without seeing it. However, last time I tried to get a dust ruffle on that bed by myself, I broke the entire contents of a bedside table. No bueno. I'll just have to ask my brother to help me next time he's here...I feel guilty asking Jeff when he's so busy digging sprinkler lines in our back yard.

I need to get an oil change for my car. The dealership we take Jeff's truck to is cheaper than anywhere else. But I have to plan ahead, because they don't usually service Volkswagons..and apparently their parts come from Zimbabwe! Or Germany. Either or.

Well, I'm off to walk my dog in the very chilly, crisp, refreshing fall weather we've got going on here! Good day to you!

Friday, October 2, 2009

And another month's gone by...

I really suck at this blogging lately. Really suck. *sigh*

So. Since you guys are awesome enough to take an interest in my life & ask questions that I have yet to answer, I'll update:

I'm 12 weeks along with this pregnancy 'fun'..& I officially hate any woman who 'loooooves' being prego. Hate them. I don't know how some people wait this long to break the news..cause you only have to spend about 5 seconds with me & I'll:

a) spill the beans (I'm terrible at keeping my own secrets..I CAN keep other peoples' secrets..just fyi..haha).

b) bite your head off. My tolerance for stupidity has shrunk to don't cut me off in traffic, make a snarky remark at the post office, or tell me my butt looks bigger (this one is aimed at my well-intentioned sister, who thought it was a compliment?). I will kill you. And then you will wonder why I'm so cranky. And then I'll tell you (see 'a').

c) puke on you. Which sucks. Not just for me, but you, too! However, this HAS made for a couple funny me throwing up in my patients' THEIR puke buckets. Gross.

So..there ya have it! I know, that in all reality, I have it really good compared to a lot of women..but that hasn't stopped me from complaining :) So thanks for listening to me, guys. I'm going to redouble my efforts for a positive attitude!

Anywho, this whole post makes it sound like I'm not happy to be preggers. But I really am! Leave out the nausea, the 13-year-old amounts of acne & the pinched butt nerve...and I'm pretty freakin' psyched to be cookin' a baby :) I just can't wait 'till you can actually tell! I can tell. My hubby can tell. My jeans can tell. (And apparently so can my sister!) But no one else can. And in all reality, the baby bump is truly on visible if I've eaten a big meal :) So, I'm sorry Kateka, but I don't have a pic to post, yet. But I will! Soon :)

Have a good weekend :)