Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Baaaaaaaaack!

Goodby Mexico..Hello piles of boxes! *sniffle*. It has been an incredibly busy last couple of how the time has flown by! We are semi-moved-in to our house. VERY semi. I'm coaching myself through my box-&-pile-induced-OCD panic attacks with lots of loud music, deep breathing, chocolate & running..haha. You think I'm kidding!

We left for Mexico a week after we got into our was. SO. GREAT!!!!! I won't go on & on, 'cause I have pictures to post that will tell the story much more effectively than me rambling on & on about the beaches, the water, the fish, the pina coladas..the get my drift ;) SO. It's back to work..I'll be posting pics soon..hopefully..apparently Comcast doesn't service our little neighborhood of two houses :) Actually, they don't even recognize that our address exists! I think Jeff & I should take this opportunity to go off the grid & back to Mexico! haha. SO, until I have interent service: Adios Amigos!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Even though I just finished a 12 1/2 hour night shift, and am pretty dang tired..And because I haven't said it enough in the last couple weeks: I. AM. SO. EXCITED! I'm too excited to go to bed!! Becauuuuuuuuuse: We are closing on our house tomorrow!! After I get off work tomorrow morning I get to drive over to our new abode, signaturize (yup! That's a word!) some papers & begin the moving process :) I'm incredibly psyched to get out all of our furniture again..hang my decorations on the walls...have a place to call our own. YAY! Life is SO stinkin' good! OK. My energy rush is's off to sleep I go..y'all have a nice day, now!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Starting to feel old...

Why, you ask?  Well, it's not because I had a birthday yesterday, even though I did, and it was fabulous!  Lots of birthday wishes (thank you guys!), and I got spoiled rotten by Jeff (no surprise there!).  Or maybe I'm feeling my age because my knees were achy this morning on my run (nothing ibuprofen won't fix:)  BUT, most likely, it's because my little brother graduated highschool today!  With an Associates degree!  I think that rocks!!  And I'm pretty dang proud of him!