Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It's a......

BOY! We have ourselves a little mini-Jeff, guys! I, for one, am pretty stoked about that! Honestly, I just want a healthy baby, whether boy or girl. But, I was kinda thinking it was a dude from the beginning...Jeff was certain it was a girl, and he had me pretty much convinced by the time our ultrasound rolled around. So, when the US tech said 'Oh, it's definitely a boy!', I was actually kinda surprised! I know Jeff was, was pretty funny:) I will definitely say it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had, getting to see the little guy flipping around in there! Apparently he likes his hands behind his head so he can 'sun tan', haha. The US tech was really nice & super informative & talked us through the whole thing, pointing out all the good stuff: kidneys, healthy brain, closed spinal cord..we have a healthy baby on our hands, and that makes me so happy, since I'm the perpetual worrier & always envisioning the worst possible outcome in everything.

On to the next thing of importance: Baby Bump Pics! You guys are sweet to want to see them, & I finally feel like you can kinda tell, so without further adieu:

Thank goodness for Shade shirts..those things are so nice & long, stretchy & SOFT!

If you can't tell by the expression on my face, I'm not much of a picture girl..I just feel silly..but oh well :)

Side note: I find myself oddly in to the show 'Glee'. Please don't make fun of me, guys! I'm not much of a TV girl, but this show is turning into crack for weird...ANYWHO! Have a good one! :)

OH! btw..I'm 19 weeks..yay!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Did I REALLY just do that?

I thought it was a the Yeti, or the Loch Ness Monster. But I'm here to tell you it's real, & it's fearsome..a true force to be reckoned with: The dreaded PREGNANCY BRAIN!!!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...laugh if you want to! I sure did! Seriously..who forgets keys & wallets & small children?? Hmmm...make that person ME!

Last week, I forgot my to work & realized I had absolutely no way of paying for food to feed my ravenous appetite!! Luckily, a kind co-worker took pity on me & bought me lunch (Thanks,'re aweseome!)

I've been setting things down & coming back an hour later looking for it! Dialing phone numbers & forgetting who I'm calling....

However, the crowning moment was last night: Forgot my shoes! Yup.

I don't like to wear my work shoes anywhere but work (the things are crawling with nasty hospital germs, despite being boiled in Clorox on a regular basis!) So, Jeff & I went to his parents for some good ol' Sunday dinner. I packed all my work paraphanelia into my car so I could leave straight from there. I remember pulling my shoes out & leaving them by the garage door...and that's where they stayed, apparently! 'Cause I got to work..& no shoes to put on! Now, work requires closed toed shoes to be worn. This indeed was a dilemma. LUCKILY, I had a pair of cute, red, Keds Ballet Flats in the back seat. Closed Toed. Rubber Soled. Oh, did I also mention blister-inducing, arch-killing, & back-breaking??!

No one does sore feet like a pregnant chick. I'd like to top that: no one does sore feet like a pregnant NURSE! Geez Freakin' Louise!! This night has got to end before I chop my feet off!!!

Anyone have any memory tricks? This could get old fast!