Thursday, January 14, 2010

To the lady at the gym...

Who was on the treadmill next to me. She kept looking right over and STARING at me..nothing sneaky about it. So finally I took my headphones out & STAAAARED right back. And she sweetly said:

"I don't think you should be exercising like that when you're pregnant."

Um. Ok. Thanks DOCTOR!

For a split second I had no idea how to respond..then my usual attitude kicked in & I told her that:

A) "I don't think it's any of your business!"


B) "It's actually much healthier when you DO exercise while pregnant!"

'Cause, woman, My labor will be easier because I've exercised this whole pregnancy. My little boy will be smarter & healthier (Yeah, they've done studies..and this is true!) because I've exercised this whole pregnancy. I WILL have my bangin' body back much quicker after I pop the little dude out BECAUSE I'VE EXERCISED THIS WHOLE PREGNANCY!


P.S. Yes, I'm bragging a little bit..'cause dang it, I want to! haha


Ashley said...

Good for you!

That one girl said...

Some people! Good for you for sticking up for yourself!

Chelsea said...

You go girl!

Kateka said...

What a little smart A (her, not you, you're just KICK-A!). I can't believe how impolite she was and would obviously STARE at you and then have the nerve to say that.

You have every right to brag. I'd die to have your body. :)

jessica emily adams said...

WHOO! You go Meg!