Monday, March 7, 2011

I am...

I've been noticing that all I blog about these days is my life as a mommy...& let's be honest, I AM a mom..what else do I have to blog about? A lot, actually, because, you see, I am more than just a mommy...I've seen this on a few other blogs & like the let's go!! Here is what I am, BESIDES a wonderful mama ;):

I love being active! I have always played sports, & run & jumped & skipped :) Running is hugely therapeutic for helps me get my stress out & keep me balanced. I ran through my entire pregnancy & started back up shortly after having Aiden & I highly recommend staying active during long as it is will be doing yourself a HUGE favor!

To balance out my running, I eat chocolate. LOTS of it! Don't let me fool you with my fruit..I love my chocolate, & will happily consume an entire bowl of chocolate frosting straight off my finger!

Man, I love to read! Give me the choice between books or the tv & I'll pick the book every time. I grew up being read to by my mother, & spent summers riding my bike to the library to load up on Nancy Drew, Boxcar Kids, Anne of Green Gables...everything!! There is no better escape than a book! Barnes & Noble is my favorite store & luckily (or maybe not, for my paycheck..) there's one 5 minutes from me.

I honestly so not remember when I decided I wanted to be a nurse, but I have been in the medical field for 10 years now! I truly enjoy taking care of people & easing their discomfort & teaching them. I'm currently an oncology & bone marrow transplant RN, & while it is one of the most challenging positions I've ever held, it is incredibly, incredibly rewarding.

Before I was a mommy, I fell in love. With an amazing man who opens my car door, cooks me breakfast, anticipates my needs before I even know them..I fell in love & fall even further every day.

I am so many things..& the beauty of having so many different aspects to my personality is that they all join together to make me one pretty decent human being!

What do you define yourself as?


Kateka said...

You ARE a descent human being, and I love reading your blog.

I define myself as... hmmm... tired and cranky right now (it's Monday... :)

matesen said...

I love this post! You are more than a decent human being-you are amazing! I am pretty lucky to know you :)

Kathy J said...

I love this post forgot one are AMAZING!!

Sean and Mekensy said...

I love this post! You are such an incredible person! You are one of the sweetest people I have ever met! You amaze me all the time!

We definitely need to do a coffee or B&N run again soon. Yes... Stella did get my cold (broke my heart)! But we have almost kicked it! This housebound thing is not so fun! Once we are better we will have to have a play date!

Shantaye said...

I love you meg! :) This is such an awesome post and you are such an incredible lady! Let's get together again soon!

Chelsea said...

Meg, I love you!
I want to be a runner so bad.
Im so sorry we had to cancel our run the other day. Can we resched?

Brad and Britt said...

I am happy for you to admit that you are a chocoholic! Also, I made my blog private, you best be emailing me at so I can include you!

Trooper Thorn said...

Are you a cowgirl?

Elisa said...

Finally! Someone whose entire life doesn't revolve around parenthood. I love my kids, but I didn't surrender my own personality during childbirth ;) Looking forward to reading more of your blog.


Ashley said...

I love how you put chocoholic as the second thing you define yourself as. I totally agree that as important as our job is as mothers, it is equally important to keep our identities and grow as individuals as well. Not only does it help our own sanity, but it gives our children a great role model.

ermine said...

Great post! Just now landing here. You're so right, we need to embrace ALL the parts of who we are, even if being mom is priority in the nestling years. Later, when our birdies fully grow their wings, you'll be confronting a lot of new territory and hopefully freedom...I'm 3 yrs. in from flight-time now... So true that when ya get there it feels like it happened overnight. So ENJOY ENJOY this time, but yes, nurture all those other interests/people you are along the way -- to have plenty of "you" to further explore down the road.

Ah, a compassionate nurse. God Bless you, we need them! I worked with some really great ones during my 26 years in Home Health. The good ones REALLY love their patients and their work. And they are beautiful souls to be around. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

I am a Mom first and foremost (my favorite title ever). Then...

- An attempted runner - continual process of getting rid of the baby weight
- A daughter - I love my family more than anything and love being an only child!
- A sister friend - my friends are my world, my family, my heart
- A great partner - My boyfriend and I have been together 8 (whoa) years together

I am a human being just trying to make it!

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Harry said...

^^ everyone should know who he/she is....

Baby Making Mama said...

I know I'm way behind but I wanted to tell you I love this post. You rock! I get stuck in "motherhood" mode too and often use that as the first thing to describe myself.

I hope you come back to your blog soon! I like visiting after you comment, thanks for commenting on mine btw!!

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Anthony Peterson PE said...

I'm a reader too. I think reading is one of the saddest things the young generation is missing.

Veganruleta said...

What do I define myself as? A foodie! :)

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