Saturday, April 26, 2008


So, as my hubby and Jen have so kindly pointed out, I haven't written anything new lately..haha:) WELL, we've been busy, geez Jen!

So going back to work this last week really stunk after our wonderful little mini-vacay in Lake Mead..the weather there was perfect (a little windy, but where is there NOT wind these days?) I was so proud of Jeff for his triathalon..he did awesome!! My husband has got the sexiest muscles! ;) AND it was just the attitude adjustment I needed. I was leaning towards being more pissy than usual..haha. Do you ever notice that? You get stuck in the routine of work and errands and housework and after a couple weeks of this you're edgy and snippy. I don't know about anyone else, but I do. I used to be so proud of the fact that I wasn't a 'moody' girl. Well, apparently, I lied, because I can be one of the moodiest people I know these days!

And today we went out to look at our house that's being built in Eagle Mtn/Lehi (it's, like, 3 feet inside the Eagle Mountain city limits...I don't like to tell people we're building in E.M. cause their 1st response is 'Oh, wow, that is SO far away!') ANYWHO, I'm feeling a little torn about the house..I'm SO excited when we go out to look at it: the basement is poured and framed, and now the main level is framed too! But then reality sets in and I remember that we haven't even sold our townhouse yet..and if we don't sell the townhouse, no house in Eagle Mountain for us!! :( So I'm playing this little mind game with myself: If I don't get too excited about the house, I won't be so upset when we can't move there because we don't sell our townhouse! I used to do that when I was a kid..don't get too excited about a good soccer tryout, cause then if I don't make the team I won't cry..does anyone else do this? Yet, at the same time, I'll be sad if we do sell the townhouse too! Because then I'll have a longer commute, we'll have to spend more on gas..the list goes on and on..I think I definitely worry too much..haha:) And when it comes down to it I really will be happy anywhere as long as I have Jeff! Anywho, if anyone knows someone who's looking for a REALLY nice townhouse in the Salt Lake area..send'em our way!!

On a side note: does anyone want to take Yoga classes with me? I've started doing yoga at home on my own but I think it would be fun to try some classes!


Cheryl said...

OMG...I can totally relate with not getting too excited about stuff so I won't have that big of a let down...I do it ALLLL the time. With nursing school...I was like if I don't get in I let myself think oh..I'm not good enough, there's no way I would get in..and it feels so much better when I find out that I didn't get in...:) I do it with everything...I shouldn't cus then I don't get psyched enough for the good stuff...but Jared is slowly teaching me cus why live life like that????:):)
Everything will all work out the way it should. I'm psyched for you:)!

Wendy Anderson said...

I am so happy that you put some new posts up FINALLY!! Its so fun to know whats going on in everyones lives! I totally do the same thing you are doing about not getting hopes up, our house is under contract again and it has fallen through twice already so i am like ya right its not gonna happen, that way I dont get as upset when it falls through!! But even though I do that I still have this little part of me that really hopes it all works, and I hope it all works for you too!! House selling and buying and building is all so stressful!! Also don't worry about missing the shower I know life gets really crazy sometimes!! It's the thought that counts I think!!

Amber said...

The house looks good! I would love to see a pic of what the finished project is supposed to look like. Good luck on selling the other one. I am sure it will sell!

Jen said...

Seeing your house makes me soooooo excited to get ours started. When everything works out the way it should--we will have a nice house warming party at your house. Try not to let the "what ifs" get you down.

Kakes said...

Well perhaps! We are looking to buy in a few months at least (or so we hope) do you have it listed on a website or anyting?

Doney Days said...

Meg! I'm so glad you found my blog! How were you able to find me?
It sounds like you guys are doing great! So you say you're building in Eagle Mtn. My house is not far from there. We're in Saratoga Springs before the crossroads light to turn to Eagle Mtn. We love living here! I hope all goes well with selling your townhouse.
It sounds like you love your job at the hospital. Gavin had Croup a year ago and had to be put in Primary Children's for over 2 days. I was hoping I would have run into you there, but never did. It is so good to hear from you! Please keep in touch!