Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun! Fun! Fun!

This is long overdue, but it's 2 AM and I'm not feeling so productive! So it's blogging time!!

This last weekend Jeff and I went out with Jen, Cheryl and their hubbies! It was so fun! (At least it was for us girls..I hope it was time well spent for our male halves!) We went to Rachael, our wonderful coworker's, wedding..it was good to see her so happy :) And then to the Texas Roadhouse for dinner..where we basically spent the rest of the night! I'm sure our server was annoyed beyond belief by how long we stayed there...and by how unbelievably loud we were! (I had no idea how rowdy we could be!) I'm also fairly certain the waitress I just about knocked over while trying to 'join' the line dance was mildly peeved..but we were paying customers, and I know I left a good tip..so what the hay! No one got injured! I must say I was greatly impressed with the guys' movie quoting abilities (and their talent for telling embarassing stories about us girls!) And Cheryl and Jen: I just love getting together with you guys! I learn something new every time and I know that it'll never be boring! I just love you gals :) Thanks for an entertaining night! And thanks to our husbands for being so tolerant! I know Jeff wasn't feeling so hot, but sweet guy that he is, he still came out and played! I love you, Sweetie-o!

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Cheryl said...

AW..I didn't know jeff wasn't feelin good...I'm sorry:( Well he was a good sport about it... We will all have to go out again when we all are feelin good...and when some get some freakin sleep!!...I'm not responsible for anything I said that night!! Love ya!