Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's that time of night..

THAT time of night! What does 'that' mean, exactly, you ask? It means that I'm at work. Sitting in front of the computer. Done checking my patients' charts. Done medicating them. Done poking them, prodding them, prying them...trying to resist the urge to go check on them! Because if I go in their rooms ONE MORE TIME they'll hate me! THAT time of night entails: Me drinking too much caffeine, yacking my co-workers ears off about random, pointless stuff until THEY hate me, checking the clock, checking my med lists...aughhhhhhh!!!! Basically, THAT time of night means that I'm going stark, raving mad! I've checked all the blogs that I like (people, update please!), dinked around on Facebook (no one's on at this time of night...honestly!), finished my book...*sigh*. I wish I were home right now, downloading my pictures of Mexico & blogging about THAT. Better yet, I wish I were back IN Mexico! Didn't take long for me to be ready for a vacation again! Speaking of vacations.....

I'm going to plan a trip to Boulder, CO for this fall for Jeff & I!! I read this great article in National Geographic Traveler highlighting Boulder (yup, we subscribe to it!) & I HAVE to go now! I mean, geez, CO isn't a long shot from Utah & I adore exploring new places! I love road trips! Hell, I just like being out of town! And as long as I have a trip on the horizon, I'm happy! I haven't quite decided yet if it would be better to fly or drive our toy-hauler up there (probably fly, with gas prices..esp when we're towing)...I'm comparing prices for places to stay. As far as I can tell there's no KOA super-close to Boulder..so that might get ruled out. BUT, we love our toy-hauler..having our own space, cooking our own meals..taking our doggy with us! With our toy-hauler we are a neat little package: We can pack our bikes, food, clothes, crap & schtuff & go play! And that's what I want: to be outdoors, sun on my skin, dirt under my nails, hubby & doggy by my side..hiking up a gorgeous mountain! Not sitting here, in a sterile hospital, listening to those grating call lights go off every. freaking. second. I'm so stir crazy!

So. Once of these days I'm going to post my Mexico pictures. Really.

*disclaimer: I love my job. Really & truly. But I love being outside more. And just so you know, not all night shifts are this slow. Just posting this will probably curse me with the shift from Hades tomorrow night!


Wendy Anderson said...

I'm sorry Megs! I hope you made it through the night! And I definitely hope you didn't curse yourself for tonight!

That one girl said...

Boulder is great! Yeah, go to Boulder and then visit Denver because that is where I'm at!

Rick and Rachael Underwood said...

I was in boulder this last week! I LOVE IT!! you do have to go, there is SOO much to do. I have gone almost every summer since I can remember so hit me up for a list of activities!

Chelsea said...

Do you always work the middle of the nights. Heck, I cant sleep most nights, you let me know your schedule and we'll chit chat while I should be sleeping and you should be working ;)

PS. I have never been to Boulder but my parents LOVE it.

jessica emily adams said...

I love that I haven't even "officially" met you yet... and yet I know we're going to be friends. Justin says so too.
So lets be friends.
If we worked the same hours we could e-mail each other and save each other from our boredom. Darn it.
I know how you feel about your job. Boy do I ever.

MEGandJEFF said...

OK, OK, from all your guys' comments I will TOTALLY go to Boulder! Even though I was already sold on it :)

And Holly, I would totally swing by Denver..you make it sound pretty fabulous & fun! And maybe I could do one of your kickboxing classes..I LOOOOVE kickboxing! :)

Chubbs, why aren't you sleeping, darlin'? I know you've had some crazy transitions lately..let me know if I can do anything! I'll text ya some night when I'm workin' & we'll get our chat on!

Jessica, let's so be friends :) Two guys like Jeff & Justin would never pick wives that couldn't be amigos, and that's a fact!

Cheryl said...

Ha ha...I miss working with you:) You guys should have fun in CO...I always love going there:) Tonight is your last night girlie...its all good! Love you much and see you soon:)

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