Monday, August 2, 2010


My brain's felt too helter-skelter & slugish lately to sit down & write an actual, coherent post on this here blog o' mine! In fact, I'm struggling right now to string words together in an INTERESTING fashion (I hate it when my writing doesn't have any 'spark'!)'s a list of 'I Wonders' that have been streaming through my brain as of late:


-If I'll ever get a full nights sleep ever. Again. My mother informs me that no, I will not..& I believe her! 'Cause once Aiden's 'sleeping through the night' (what idiot coined that phrase? I want to beat them!) He'll get teeth. Then nightmares. Then he'll be a teenager before I know it & I'll be waiting up for him! On a highschool I never understood why my parents felt the need to do I get it.

-Will my house ever NOT be covered in piles? Piles of laundry. Piles of paper. Piles of dishes. Piles of chew toys (baby's & dogs) & blocks. The answer, yet again, is NO. I'm not that motivated most of the time! I will accept the fact the my bathrooms, kitchen & floors are sparkling clean, & that's better than nothing!

-Will my skin ever be clear again? Before I even knew I was prego I started breaking out. And it's been downhill from there. I use ProActive. I use prescription meds (have since I was 16, honestly). All I can say is THANK GOODNESS FOR BARE MINERALS! That stuff saves my vanity :)

And now, on a more positive note, 'cause those 'I Wonders' seem a bit negative..


-How I got so lucky as to have my husband! He is so amazing. I know everyone's husband is (usually...), but I think mine is better than yours :) Just sayin! He cleans our house, he grocery shops, he supports our little family, he does Tri's & builds fences & decks..& fixes my car & installs gas lines...PHEW! In all seriousness, I love having a man who is so motivated & a 'jack of all trades' as my husband. He puts me to shame. Did I mention he is the most incredible father?

-Can my baby boy get any cuter? Can I fall any more in love with him? I suspect the answer on both counts is YES! I look at him & I just melt..his gummy grins & flapping, grabby little hands...WOW!! This is so corny, please forgive me, because I used to absolutely hate it when mom's said this before I had my baby..but you just can't know how pure love can be, & what an incredible experience it is, until you're a mom!

-Will all of you in the Salt Lake area sign up for This Race with me? It's not long, it's not can walk it, if you want! It promotes healthy habits & positive body image in girls & women..which is a 'cause' near & dear to me. It's women stinky boys...:) You know you want to!

Have a great day, y'all!


That one girl said...

OMG, sooooo crazy that you end in race talk. I think I'm signing up for the first ever Rock 'n' Roll Marathon. You should do it too! You guys can crash here! Do it! Do it!

And yeah, feel you on the tired thing, trust me!

Kateka said...

K, my skin has been breaking out like crazy for the last year or so... bugging me. I'll blame it on.... the weather? I don't know. But it sucks!

Chelsea said...

Ive wondered if Bare Minerals was really worth it...and Megs says yes so I think I shall try.

Shantaye said...

I Love reading your blog! I'm so glad you upddated it finally! Now get to posting some pics of that cute little boy of yours!
ALso I hope the screaming when you set him down has stopped...sorry Crue is such a bad influence lol
Can't wait for next week!!!

earthspirit said...

very heartwarming and true!

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