Tuesday, December 29, 2009

25 weeks & Counting!

Yup. That's me with hair in my face & gettin' bigger by the day..but that's part of the preggo deal..yes? I am going to brag for a second & tell you guys that those jeans are pre-pregnancy. And now I'm going to shoot that bragging in the foot 'cause those jeans are SUPER full of lycra & low cut..so of course they still fit..they're being stretched to me new size! haha :)

I had a whole fun prego update post ready to go in my head..but I'm way too hungry to put in the effort right now..so I'm going to pass. I WILL post on Christmas..eventually!


That one girl said...

You are SOOOO cute!!!!

Okay, I'm still fitting in my jeans too... low cut. Got to love em!

jessica emily adams said...

You look adorable!!

Chelsea said...

Seriously one of the cutest prego gal Ive seen.
Im glad everything is going well. We should do lunch again soon.
Miss ya.

Wendy Anderson said...

SOoo cute I cant wait to get my camera on you and your cute belly :)

Amber said...

You look so cute! Glad you posted some more pics!

I would love to do lunch next week, should work for me. I will text you.

Kateka said...

Oh, I love your belly! I bet I'll love your baby even more. :)