Monday, December 28, 2009


SO. Guess who didn't sleep last night?

And is sooooooo tired today at work..where being alert is of utmost importance, mind you!

So..guess who broke their 'no-caffeine' rule, and had just a little bit? (We're talking about a quarter cup, people, so don't judge the pregnant chick!:)

Except, apparently breakfast was out of my stomach already, so the caffeine has full reign..and now I CAN'T. STOP. VIBRATING!!! Augggghhhhh!!!!

Lesson learned..apparently I'm now a light weight & highly susceptible to 'controlled substances'..haha. On the plus side..I AM a little more alert!


Jen said...

Oh how I miss you so much. You make me laugh!!!

That one girl said...

Oh whatever, every once in a while I spike my decaf with a touch of caf. Screw what others say!