Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Much ado about..

Before we get started, quick question: WHY can I never get my text above the first pic? Huh? If you guys know the secret, do tell!

NOW, updates :) Jeff is working on 'building' his new love: his triathalon bike. I'm a little concerned for my position in his affections right now....ahem! Jeff has a talent I must divulge at this point: he is an AMAZING online shopper! Me, I don't really like to shop much. And that's ok, 'cause Jeff loves to, and any cute clothes I have he bought! He can find these incredible deals, too. I hesitate to buy him anything, because I know he can find the same thing, or better, at half the price of what I pay. It's super annoying! But super handy when purchasing the components for a bike that could be ridiculously expensive, otherwise.

Moving on to VALENTINE'S DAY! Jeff made me a really yummy surf & turf dinner on Saturday night (I worked Sunday): shrimp, filet mignon, and lobster tail. I love it when he puts on his chef's coat & gets cookin'! I don't know what it is about a man in the kitchen, but he looks so dang good in that thing! And the dinner? It was SO yummy! He also snuck a pint of my favorite ice cream: Haagen Daaz Chocolate Peanut Butter, into the freezer..which I did not discover until the next day..that boy knows the way to my heart!

And me? I'm just getting bigger every day! Thankfully, it feels (and looks) like The Dude has dropped down..for which I am very grateful! It's nice to be able to breath a little bit! I'm not quite sure what weeks I am in these pics, but I'll give an estimate..

29 weeks:

28 weeks:

And sometime I'll post week 31!

How was everyone else's V-Day?


Kateka said...

Good heck! Your man is QUITE the chef. I am seriously impressed. Seriously.

You look amazing as always. I love your style.

Shantaye said...

I love that he buys everything online and gets killer deals...I am definitely a "have to go to the store to see it before I buy it" kind of person. Your valentines day sounds amazing, you're one lucky girl! Also I upload the pic then click right above it, on the left side where I want the text to show up and that is how I get the text above the picture.

matesen said...

That food looks and sounds delish! Can Jeff give Alex some cooking lessons sometime?

You look so cute! You are about the cutest preggo girl ever!

jessica.emily.adams said...

Aw. What a sweet man you have! And you can tell him that I can definitely tell that he is looking quite fit, even if he can't.
Except that sounds wrong like I'm checking out your husband, which I truly wasn't. And I'm just going to shut my fingers up.