Monday, February 22, 2010

A picture's worth a thousand of'em..

I have this friend, Wendy Anderson, who is a fabulous nurse I work with! She's ALSO a faaaahbulous photographer :) (I DO have a point..keep reading)...anywho, I haven't felt especially 'hot' with this whole pregnancy thing, but I've heard from quite a few people that I will miss it when The Dude is here. So, in order to 'boost my confidence' & make some memories, Wendy did a maternity photo shoot for my husband & I..and let me say, she did SUCH a great job! I'm a terrible 'model' & was goofing off the entire photo shoot..& she still got some wonderful pics that I love & will love to look back at! If ya feel the urge, check'em out:


AND, if ya need an excellent photographer, I highly recommend her!


Amber said...

So cute! And such a good idea. It's true, you will really enjoy these shots as time goes on. It's fun to see this stage of life. I should get some pics too!

That one girl said...

Okay, first, I think you need to come over to my house so I can fatten you up! You are all belly and I'm soooo jealous! Second, those pictures rock and you are too cute.

Kateka said...

Girl, I can't believe you are wearing heals being pregnant!! You amaze me. You are totally hot.

matesen said...

You look amazing in your pics! I loved them all!

MEGandJEFF said...

Holy Cow, you guys are good for my self esteem!

Amber: You SHOULD do some pics! You're one dang cute prego chick!

Holly: While my jeans contend that my hips ARE fatter :)..I would still happily let you contribute to more fattening any day!

Kateka: I've discovered if I wear those boots (which are surprisingly comfy) my pants don't drag & I feel a wee bit sexier..haha :)

carrs said...

I love the pics. You are such a cute pregnant chick. I always wish I would've had my pics taken when I was pregnant with Lexi and Andrew maybe if we ever have a third

jessica.emily.adams said...

So cute, Meg!

Chelsea said...

Meg, I love them!
You are seriously the cutest pregnant gal. I love it.
I hope you are feeling as good as you look!