Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Getting my Domestic Diva on..

Yeah. So. I looked back at the first pic I ever posted of me 'showing' today. And I must say..WHAT was I thinking?? To all the people who told me me 'honey, that's not showing..just you wait!' You guys were right! It hurts to say it, but it's true! *sigh*

ANYWHO, I figured I'd better get up the '35 week' pic before it's too late. I know I'm going to have to get even bigger over the next couple weeks..but I'm not quite sure how that's going to happen! I feel huge! Yeah, yeah, I know..there are girls who are 'more pregnant' than I am out there right now..but I feel stretched to the max! The skin on my tummy is numb from being stretched out so much! As you can see..if I'm at home, I'm wearing yoga pants (Oh, & usually NO bra..TMI, I know! I put one on the for guys are lucky!). I have a couple pairs I rotate through..& that's it! Jeans are not my favorite thing these days..even the cute maternity ones I got a while back..I can not STAND to have anything pulled up over my belly that stupid panel gets pushed down to my hips..where it doesn't do the job of holding the jeans up I walk around like a two year old gangsta' constantly hitching up my pants!

And Kateka..I'm not wearing heels anymore! No. I. Am. Not. I don't care that it's still freezing's flip flop time! Or my knock-off Uggs (I may own a pair..but I still maintain they are butt-ugly..they're too convenient for me to care, though.) I made the mistake of wearing a pair of my cute boots to dinner the other night..halfway through I could feel my feet expanding! Those suckers were OFF (it took some serious tugging) the second I got in the car!

I know I have it REALLY good compared to a lot of girls. I know that! I'm still exercising (waddling on a treadmill counts..oh, yes, it does!), I'm not on bed rest (whew!). So I'll stop complainin!

The domestic diva part of this post, you ask? Well, today I am making homemade cinnamon rolls & brownies (Jeff has a fundraiser at work tomorrow). They are not done yet. I WILL be posting pics, though..'cause I know I'm going to be stinkin' proud of the end result! Which I will then swiftly inhale! Also, my floors are all vacuumed & my laundry is 75% done..that makes me feel like a diva!


P.S. That pic up there makes me look like I have tree-trunk leg goin' on. I don't. It's the pants. Just sayin.

Update: I finished the cinnamon rolls & brownies. And they looked amazing & were delicious! However, my motivation to take pictures was you'll just have to take my word for it!


Kateka said...

There you go, that's more my style for sure (yoga pants and 'convenient style' shoes). Ha, ha, ha. You crack me up.

jessica.emily.adams said...

Tree-trunk leg, Meg? You crack me up.
I love ya, you're beautiful.

Shantaye said...

You are the cutest pregnant woman I know! You couldn't look like you had tree-trunk legs if you tried. I know exactly what you're talking about too with the pulling the boots off as soon as you get in the car...I did that plenty of times.
You are such a good wife for baking goodies for your hubby's fundraiser. I think I would have just bought em'!
Anyway can't wait to see you on Monday! Oh yeah and under Britt's blog I left a little comment for ya :)

Amber said...

Ah, the joys :) You do look cute!

Jen said...

Could you get any cuter??? I just hope I get one last chance to rub the preggo belly before it's too late. Thanks for the smile and looking forward to girls night soon. love ya.

matesen said...

You look adorable! And those cinnamon rolls and brownies sound delish!

Brad and Britt said...

haha. the comment of you aren't "big" yet.... totally cracked me up! Its amazing how big you become and how much bigger you feel! But you look great. and it is an amazing thing when you get to meet the little thing!