Thursday, May 6, 2010

Long Time Comin'

So it's been an eventful 6 or 7 weeks since I've posted...This mom thing? I love it! But it's an adjustment! People talked about the crazy sleep schedules, the gallons of bodily fluids, the erratic hormonal roller coaster...Well it's all talk 'till it becomes reality! And oh, what a reality it is!

For starters..that 'drama' I mentioned at the end of my last post? Well, no one mentioned to me that toxemia doesn't just go away when you deliver. In fact, they all made it sound like having your baby would instantly cure the problem. Not so, my friends, not so! It can stick around for a couple MONTHS after delivery! Yup. Well, I didn't know this (a couple people have said 'you're a did you not know?' Well, I'm an ONCOLOGY nurse..not an OB nurse (I hated the subject in nursing school, actually!) and...AND...I'm a new mother! My head is not in the nursing mindset, thanks very much! Treat me like I'm any other patient, please!


So back to the drama: a few days after having Aiden, I realized I was having POUNDING headaches. My OB had told me to check my blood pressure at home, but let's face it, I had other things on my mind. I finally did check it..and it was still just as high as when my Dr freaked out & induced me. We wound up in the ER that night..& I went home on blood pressure meds, which I just barely got the OK to stop taking. Hmmm...woulda been nice to know all that before I dropped $150 on an ER copay!

Aiden is growing SO fast! But no chunking out for our little dude..his growth is all length-wise! The kid is a freakin' piece of spaghetti, I tell you! I don't think he'll ever be a roly-poly baby..friends babies who were born after him already weigh more than he does! Not that he's malnourished..he just has the Newman/Thornley he's pretty much destined to be a lurp :) I was kinda worried at first..but after some research learned that exclusively breastfed babies tend towards the leaner side..& I'm a-ok with that!

ANYWHO, it's the most incredible thing to watch his little personality grow :) He is a very stubborn & super strong little boy..already holding his head up completely on his own so he can look around (he is a very curious little man, & gets really mad if he can't see things) & pushing up to stand on his twiggy little legs! He's started 'talking' back to us & giving us those cute little smiles..yeah, I'm in love!

I won't bore you, cause I know that a lot of this is only interesting if it's your child..but I will post pics tonight..'cause I don't care who ya' are..they're freakin' cute!


Kateka said...

I think reading about YOUR kid is super fun, honest. I am glad you posted all you did about what you've been going thru.

Can't wait for some pics!

Shantaye said...

I need to see this little guy soon! Don't you just love those smiles? Makes all the other not-so-fun stuff worth it! I still can't believe no one told you about the toximia thing... Anyway can't wait for you to post pics!

Chelsea said...

I actually was thinking about you today and looked on your FB to see if you had posted any pictures of the little "dude".
So I am happy to hear an update and cant wait to see pictures!!

That one girl said...

YEAH, post pics!

Okay, glad you posted, I was going to email you. Ummm, sucks that the toxemia is sticking around. My BP keeps going up and I told you if it did it was your fault. So yeah, we are in a fight.

BUT, yay for being all in love with your skinny guy and YES, don't let anyone freak you out about his weight. The doctors all yelled at me for not supplementing and then put him through a ton of tests to find my baby boy was way healthy! (And all breast fed.)

Oh, and yeah, was reading up on toxemia and preeclampsia and read it can stick around after but it's not common. Lucky you, huh?

Amber said...

Meg! you should have called me!!!! Mine stuck around too. I was always verging on needing meds. I had to go to the dr once a week to have my BP checked. Sorry you actually had to do meds. NO FUN!!

It was so fun seeing him the other night. He is a doll. And dinner was AMAZING!

Love ya!