Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Mornin' Photo Shoot for the Grandparents!

I'm actually surprised our little guy was in such a good mood this morning..he's had reflux pretty bad & it's made him miserable! We tried all the non-medicinal treatments (change mommy's diet, elevate the head of his bed, keep him upright for 30 minutes after nursing (that is super time consuming, btw, since he'd scream if I set him down!)) None of it seemed to help. So we went in to the pediatrician & got him on some Zantac. I know it'll take a few weeks to really be effective..but he already seems a bit happier! Thank goodness..'cause it sucks when your baby hurts & nothing you do helps :(

Laughin' at mom & dad :)

I love this face! I can't quite figure out what he's thinkingwhen he makes it!

The stare down w/ Daddy!


Doney Days said...

SOOOOOOOO Sweet! Both Zane and Gavin had Acid Reflux and they were my grumpiest babies. Not fun stuff! Hopefully the medicine will help soon!

Shantaye said...

I'm glad he's feeling better!! There is no mistaking he is your baby Meg. The more pictures I see of him the more he looks like you! You both are beautiful!

Amber said...

So cute! He definitely looks like a little thornley!

Kateka said...

Poor little guy with acid reflux!! I hope he is feeling totally better. That must be so sad.

I can't get over how cute he is.

baxtersrus said...

Yes I remember you, mostly from middle school, actually. Just hang in there. The first three months are REALLY hard, and then they get a lot better. Then 6 months is even better, and really, my daughter wasn't completely happy until she could walk. She's been great ever since. Both mine were really fussy. I don't think they have acid reflux, but just tummy problems. Hope it gets better soon. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Your son's adorable!

That one girl said...

He is soooo cute! I think he should date Charlotte and have reflux, gooey eyed babies!