Tuesday, September 23, 2008

End of an 'Era'

So, the event that I never thought would take place has: We are moving from our townhouse! We sign papers with the buyers tomorrow. Jeff and I are still in shock, and I'm mildly superstitious, still refusing to say that we've actually sold for fear uttering the words will jinx everything & they'll back out last minute. (If that truly is the case I will be too angry for words, seeing as we've packed all of our lives into boxes & are currently storing it at Jeff's parents' house, where we will be living until we find a home of our own.)

I'm not surprised to find that I am more than a little sad to actually be leaving our first home together. This is where we fell in love with eachother. Seriously. Our dating relationship consisted of nights spent in the townhouse painting, tiling & eating fast food :) We didn't go out to movies or restaurants (we only went on one date together before we got married, to ColdStone:). Instead, we got down and dirty & worked together. Jeff taught me how to use a tile saw in the garage, how to properly paint a house (I thought you just painted over whatever color was there first.) I discovered that he was a person who isn't afraid of hard work & a good challenge...who spent all day busting his butt at his job & then turned right back around & worked another 6+ hours of grueling manual labor because he wanted to (he loves tiling, paint, etc). And he got to see me without makeup, sweaty & mad (he made me get up on the ladders to paint the stairwell cause I was lighter!) ANYWHO, the point I'm making is that this house took a basic dating relationship & turned it into an amazing marriage. We are leaving behind memories of the best kinds. However, luckily I don't leave behind the guy I got with the house :) And, we get to go do it all over again when we find a house to move into, and make new memories! But I will miss our first home, where we started our life together.

I'm such a lucky girl!


Doney Days said...

I heard Saratoga Springs is a great place to live! :) Good luck with the closing. I hope it goes smoothly. Most of the time do (I've worked for a title company for many years!) Where does Jeff work? Doesn't he do computers? Are they hiring? You can email the answeres to this dhdoney1@msn.com

Wendy Anderson said...

Well missy I do need to hear why you are not moving into the house you built in eagle mtn...so hopefully we really do lunch this week, and CONGRATS!!!

Kakes said...

Wait a second... I thought you two were building a new house?? Also, how in the world did you two end up meeting? For someone who doesn't know, I thing that would be a good post to inform me. :)

Amber said...

Megs I am so excited for you! And don't worry there will be plenty more memories to happen in the new house... :)

I am excited for you to move in!!


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