Monday, September 8, 2008

Love Your Body!

Saturday the 6th was the Wasatch Women's run and walk!  It was a 5k/10k event to help promote healthy body image in women..which I personally think is a huge issue in todays society.  I fear for the day that I have a daughter and I have to figure out how to tell her she's beautiful, despite what society & the media are shoving in our faces.  I don't often advertise this, but when I was in Jr High and highschool I had issues related to healthy eating habits.  I know I was not the only one.  To this day I cringe when I remember what a personal hell that was and it breaks my heart to hear ANY woman or girl speak negatively about themselves.  I still face days that I don't really think I look that great, or feel that 'hot'..and yet again, I know that I am not alone in feeling this way.  It is so much easier to look at someone else and say 'I want to look like THAT' than it is to be happy with yourself and how you look.  Some friends from work did this awesome event with me, Shelly and Tammy, and I just want them both to know that I think they are amazing, STRONG and gorgeous women!!  I enjoy their friendship!

Post run...WE ROCK! :)
Man those chicks look smokin'!

Trying to blow a kiss to my hubby..hehe :)

And where would I be without my number one fan & support group?  Jeff is ALWAYS there for me..and he tells me I'm beautiful when I have greasy hair, haven't shaved my legs in a week, am not wearing makeup & have stanky breath!  Every girl should have their own Jeff!  He also reminds me that celebrities look great 'cause they have a team of people to do their hair & makeup for them..PLUS they get to be airbrushed in their snaps! haha :)

SO, I know this will sound corny, but I really want to challenge all my girlies out there to treat themselves right and remember that they are beautiful!!  Say it to yourselves every day, or call me and I'll tell you you're hot!


Chelsea said...

Meg, your so awesome.
What a nice thoughtful post. I believe you, media plays a major mind game with young girls...including myself!

Doney Days said...

I think you're hot Meg!

Kakes said...

Isn't that crazy the way that we think of ourselves? I thought I was such a cow in highschool, and it surprises me that you struggled with your image too because I think you look amazing. But even though being good looking on the outside is important (which you are), it is always more important whats on the inside too (oh gosh, this is cheesy), and I really love that you have such a good innard appearance too. You are so smart and thoughtful and genuinely care about others. Thanks for this post that reminds us that yeah, it's nice to be hot, but to remember to be good to yourself and to take a look at what's inside.

Also, you look stinkin' cute in these pictures! Jeff scored the whole package, and I guess you did too with him! You are just the perfect couple.

matesen said...

I work with such amazing, hot women! Hopefully next year I can come and run with you guys!

Sheli Craven said...

Meg you rock! We had a great time. I too had issues with my body image as a teen that lasted through adulthood. My daughter is amazing and full of self esteem. For that I am greatful. I think this is a worth while cause and one that needs more attention. Thanks for inviting me to run. You are amazingly beautifu. Jeff is a lucky man.

Cheryl said...

HEYYYYY sista:) What an awesome thing to say, and something I needed to hear:) Thanks for being such a good friend and being my girl to chill with and talk to:) I love ya tons and I think you are one of the most beautiful people inside and out:) LOVE YOU!!!
BTW...we need to hang:)

Misty said...

Once again, way to go! Thanks for the uplift. I'm going to call you when I've only gotten a couple hours of sleep and I can hardly see cuz of the bags under my eyes. I might need you to tell me I'm beautiful.

Tiffy B. said...

ok this is the first time i have been able to get into your blog for ever. and trust me i have tried, i even asked some of the other girls how, for some reason yours would never open for me. so i'm going to enjoy it and i haven't forgotten you i miss ya tons so let me know about girls night i want to see you all.