Monday, September 29, 2008

Me, Myself, & I :)

This is what I do on night shifts when I'm trying to stay awake...TAG, YOU'RE ALLLLL IT!!

I AM..Soooo tired, & I feel misplaced..I guess that's what happens when you don't have a 'permanent home'.

I MISS..Jeff. I miss him so much! I want to be curled up in bed with him..listening to him snore..& I miss our doggy, Zuky..she's so dang cute!

I THINK..I should be less selfish. I also think I should eat healthier than I have the last 2 weeks...I've drunk my weight in diet coke & pepsi!

I go to sleep. To find a house. To save moolah. To start a family..eventually :) To not have the munchies so bad right now and to NEVER DO LAUNDRY AGAIN!

I HAVE..the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime!

I SEARCH..for a good book! Seriously, guys..I just finished an awesome one and can't seem to find another fabulous read..HELP!!

I WISH..I didn't get so resltess. It seems like I always have to be doing something or I feel useless. I also wish I were one of those girls who knows instinctively how to do my makeup, hair & dress cute!

I HATE..seeing Jeff uncomfortable or feeling sick. I just want to make him feel better!

I AM..still so immature..

I FEAR..not alot, actually. I do fear losing the people I love. Or watching them suffer.

I ALWAYS..second guess myself. I'm working on just sticking to my first decision.

I LOVE..Jeff. Family. Zuky. Running. Chocolate. Caffeine. Perfect temperatures. Laughing. Lip Gloss. Giving the perfect gift...

I FEEL..blah. Not a bad blah. Just a restless blah :) A 'life on hold blah'.

I lights beeping. Elevators dinging. Fluorescent lights buzzing.


I DON'T..understand why I have such bad knots in my shoulders..haha

I WONDER..where we will end up living.

I CARE..a little too much what people think of me. But I'm getting better at that, and narrowing it down to just the people that matter :)

I REGRET..Nothing. I learn from everything. Wait a sec..I DO regret not being nicer to some of the guys I dated. I was pretty mean. But it DID all work out for the best!

I AM..didn't I already do this one? I am lucky, lucky, lucky!

I BELIEVE..That everything will always work out. No matter what.

I DANCE..terribly!! Think Elaine from Seinfeld!

I SING..the most random songs when I'm at drives my coworkers crazy!

I WRITE..the newsletter for our unit. And on this blog. I used to write stories when I was in Jr High & Highschool..I love/loved English! Sometimes I think it would've been really cool if I'd done more with the creative side of my personality.

I WIN..the lottery every time I kiss my husband! It's the best feeling!

I LOSE..patience after a long night shift. And my hair when I wash it. I'm afraid I'll go bald!!

I NEVER..return personal phone calls in a timely fashion. I'm terrible at it. I don't call back for a day. Then I feel guilty that I didn't call back, so I wait longer...ahhhhh!!! It's not that I don't love my friends and family..I do. It's a matter of selfishness, honestly. I will get better at it!

I LISTEN..not as well as I would like to. I talk too much.

I CAN..start an IV in practically anyone. Make yummy eclair cake. Run for hours.

I READ..anything that catches my interest. That includes shampoo bottles. I try to find the whole alphabet on everything..labels, boxes of mac n' cheese, hair gel..HOWEVER, I really do refuse to read to Twilight books. I tried to get into the first one and it totally turned me off.

I AM..crazy! But so is everyone else :)


Kakes said...

Ha, ha, ha!! How funny that you aren't getting into the craze that is Twilight. I still haven't read the last book, but I am too far in to get out now. I know I will probably get murdered for saying this but, while the books are entertaining, if you are looking for an AWESOME read, you probably won't find it there.

Cheryl said...

Megs!!...reading stuff like this makes me realize what an awesome friend I have:) I just love every bit of you and I hope you do to. You are special in everyway and I know you are just beginning to do wonderful things with your rock!!..and so does jeff:)

Cheryl said...

What the heck do you mean you wish you were instinctively cute with your! your hot megs...and no less:)

Britt said...

I am so happy you found my blog!!!! I miss my Riverton soccer girls. I have had a blast reading about you and all that you have accomplished since I saw you last. You are so great. I hope we can stay connected. You look as beautiful as always. I am so thrilled that you are doing so well. Please keep me updated on all you are doing, and if you ever make it out to Denver we need to get together and really catch up!

Angie Onassis said...

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