Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue!

So, I haven't done a post that isn't a 'Tag' in a bit & I just read my friend, Kateka's, blog, & she posted about how she and her hubby met.  Which reminded me she told me I should do a post about how Jeff & I met..so for anyone who cares (I certainly do!), here goes: *names will changed on some people!!

I was the girl who thought there was a good chance I would wait for, and marry, my highschool sweetheart, *Mitch, after I sent him off on his mission..So, off he went!!  I wrote him,  but also dated quite a few other guys while he was gone.  There was one who was particularly persistent, *Satan, who kept coming back, even when I told him I didn't want anything serious.  Well, sooner or later, I guess I just broke down, despite my common sense (& the fact that my mother HATED Satan:) & started dating him more frequently.  It was a really dark time & if I'd stuck to my guns life would be very different..So I am actually very glad that I had that experience because I may not have met Jeff if I hadn't. 

SO, a couple weeks after I FINALLY ended things with Satan, I decided to move in w/ a coworker/semi-friend of mine, *Ellie.  I was looking for some drastic changes in my life & this felt like a good step.  One night, after a couple weeks of living together, she asked if I wanted to go over to her friend's house.  Her friend was a computer nerd & was going to fix her laptop for her :)  ALSO, he had a really 'hot' roommate I could meet!  Ellie knew that I had just ended that rotten-egg relationship & needed to get back in the dating game.  (About this same time, Mitch got home from his mission & we were dating as well..things felt pretty awkward most of the time for me.  I know it's because I had changed so much from my 'Satan dating experience' & Mitch & I were no longer the same people we had been..which makes sense, 'cause who wants to be the same person they were in highschool?)  

Back to going over to get the computer fixed:  We went on over to Ellie's friend's house.  Knocked on the door, door opened..low & behold, there sits a vision in khaki shorts & a button down!! haha :)  Jeff was the 'computer nerd friend' (he is WAY too good looking to classify as a regular computer nerd!) & *Adam was the friend..who was also a good looking guy in his own way, but not my style.  Well, we hung out for a bit & then Ellie & I headed home.  

Fast forward to a couple days later.  Ellie asked if I wanted to go hang out with Jeff & Adam again one night.  'Sure, why not?' was my response (well, duh!).  I wasn't sure how to broach the convo to Ellie that I was more interested in Jeff than Adam.  I knew that Ellie was dating someone else seriously and that Jeff was truly 'just a friend'...so it shouldn't be too hard.

Long story short: we went & hung out.  Jeff paid more attention to me than he did to Ellie.  She didn't like this.  I found out that this was because Jeff was her 'backup plan' in case her current relationship didn't work out!!  (I did not know that some girls actually do that!)  Well, she got miffy every time Jeff & I hung out (if you read a couple posts back you know that 'hanging out' entailed working on the townhouse Jeff was building at the time).  My solution became 'don't ask, don't tell'.  She rarely took interest in my personal life, so I didn't feel the need to tell her the details. (I know this all sounds like some catty, soap opera situation, but I was not intending to behave like a bee-yatch).  I actually wasn't sure how serious Jeff was about me, so I figured if we dated occasionally but nothing serious came of it, no harm, no foul.  We were becoming pretty decent friends through the tiling/painting process that was our form of dating, and if friends was all that came of it, I thought I'd be ok with that.  Obviously, one day the light dawned on Jeff & I & we realized that what we had was much more than just a construction 'buddyship' & that we were pretty deeply in love with each other..and better yet, good friends.  SO, we decided to get married around New Years 2006 & got hitched that May 4th!  The only catch was that I had to break the news to Ellie, who had no idea we'd even been dating by this point..yikes!

So there it is!  My life has never been the same since & it's never been better :)  I love ya, sweetie-o!


carrs said...

I am so glad the light fianlly dawned for you guys. We love having you in the family!!

Kakes said...

Ah, so this is how it all came about. Interesting. :) I love this story. It seems like you two are a perfect match. I love the way that you inspire, motivate, and support each other. Thanks for doing this post!!