Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Sisters are the best..

Want to know how I know this?

I have a sister of my very own.  And she is amazing.

Know how else I know this?

My patient last night has a sister (sisterS actually).

Her sister stayed with her all last night.
And helped her drink orange juice.
And walk.
And sat staring at her in the dark when she FINALLY got some sleep.  
And said to me "I'm afraid she'll stop breathing."

So was I. (I didn't say that, don't worry:)

She tickled her back, and held her hand...she was just THERE.

And today she'll go get her blood drawn to see if she's a match to be a donor for her sister.

Sisters are the best!


Sheli said...

Sisters are the best. I wish I was with mine today while she goes through her first chemo. If I was with her I would hold her hand. I love my sister too.

Cheryl said...

Sisters are the best:) and I'm so greatful for mine! Even tho we may argue and fight sometimes we do have the best times when we hang out together and we are always there for one another no matter what:) That makes me completely smile and a little teary reading your blog about her sister...with all thats going on with them its great to know there is unconditional love being shared between such beautiful people. I love you hunny buns:)

Kakes said...

That is really sweet.

Doney Days said...

I love sisters too. I have 6 of them and I love them dearly. They are my best friends!

matesen said...

Sisters are the best! I am so thankful that I have three of them! Don't we have such an awesome job that reminds us of the most important things in life! Thanks for making me emotional this morning!

Courtney said...

I agree sisters are the best!! She is so cute, i feel so bad that she is so sick!!

sheena said...

i am so thankful to have a sister!!

so good to meet you the other day:) it's always fun to know who's reading!

J-Kats Crew said...

That is so sweet, and I know just who you are talking about! I am going to add you to my blog. Love ya.

Wendy Anderson said...

Yes I agree I am so lucky I have 3 sisters and they and my mom are my best friends!! Sisters rock!

Kjrsten said...

what an inspiring woman! I would go to the ends of the earth for my sister, but may never have the chance to do so... to stand in the shoes of that sweet sister you spoke of! Your job sounds mentally and physically challenging, I applaud you!

PS thanks for stopping by haveacuteday! I hope we can continue to keep things cute over there!

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