Monday, October 13, 2008

Was that really necessary?

I was blog-stalking tonight at work (*gasp*..I know you all do it, too!!). And as I jumped from blog to blog, numerous thoughts ran through my head: "wow, this girl is funny..I'm not that funny!" or "this chick is one deep thinker..I should stop being so shallow & do more 'self-searching'"...and on & on. I also read some of the comments to these posts..and it truly shocked me how many people left really nasty, mean, anonymous (anonymity makes normally 'nice' people incredibly beasty!!) comments..ouch!! I, luckily, am not so embroiled in the blogging world as to have a large audience reading my schtuff (phew!), which has kept me aloof from most/much of this back-biting. But in reading all these blogs I realized: Everyone blogs for different reasons. Some people do it to keep in touch, some people do it to get a response, some want to get their voice out there, or just need an outlet, or enjoy writing. No matter what the reason, if your blog is public, it really is peoples' 'right' to comment what they will..and if you don't moderate your comments it's much easier for them to do so. But why do people feel the need to be so downright awful? I guess if we could answer this question in general the world would be a much nicer place...I digress...ANYWHO, this thought process led me to this next one: 'sometimes I THINK really mean things..I don't post them, or say them..but catch me at the wrong moment & my mind is full of catty thoughts...That makes me pretty hypocritcal to be judging these anonymous commenters. BUT least I don't spew my meaness out!! I definitely don't think I'm better than anyone, but I do believe that the ability to behave nicely when your urge is to NOT be nice is what makes the world a very SEMI-decent place to exist in. (I could really go for a long time on how NOT decent the world is..but that's not my point at the moment...I'm digressing again:)

SO, the point I'm making: I'm going to continue trying to be nice to pretty much everyone I run the cyber-world, or in person. It is becoming less and less attractive to me to be mean. I will stand up for myself when the situation truly calls for it. But if someone else wants to be snooty I will not let it ruin my day!

Good Day Sirs & Madams!!


Chelsea said...

Mean people suck huh?
I guess it goes back to the ol saying I think all moms say, "If you cant say anything nice, dont say anything at all." Haha. I guess I will stick with that.

Cheryl said...

I totally agree babes! I know I catch myself getting all pissy and snotty with other people especially if they are being snotty to me. I think I just need to realize people act the way they do for various reasons and I just need to act the way I want to be treated...(going back to grade schoool) but its so true:) and of course get a little snippy when it calls for it!! I love ya and I think you are a wonderful person:)