Sunday, October 26, 2008

So this is 'blove' la la la

My husband 'bloves' me! Yeah, yeah, I know it was only a typo in the text he sent me at work, but warmed my heart! It's like a bloated love! So full it's about to pop..and spew molten, sticky, sweetness...ewwwww.....

So, how do I know he 'bloves' me? At the risk of making this one of 'THOSE' posts..let me count the ways:

~He rubs the knots out of my back.
~He makes me yummy gourmet dinners (the pork chops & risotto were A-mazing!)
~He cleans my car

OK, because I don't want to bore you, those are my current favorite three!

Let's hear you guys count your ways..that your 'significant other' loves you..


Kakes said...

I "blove" hubs. I like it when....

1. He thinks I am funny
2. He helps with the chores
3. He does well on his school tests

Cute post. You are so fun Megs!

Annie Valentine said...

He texts me LOL when I'm really funny.

Sheli said...

Way cute! I had a type o when texting my hubby. We always say I love you more and the other person says o bull. Well my type o was "bulkshit". So we say o bulk. Anyway here are my three:

1. He encourages me with my school
2. He cheers me on with my running
3. He loves my smile

Isn't great to have fun loving spouses!