Monday, October 27, 2008

Shut your mouth when you're talking to me!

I try diligently to be very 'professional' at work.. & it's really not too hard to do, especially since I'm allowed to wear pajamas as my uniform & give my patients controlled substances! My weakness, I've discovered, lies in the language department! Oh yes! Stress is a constant quite frequently..and swear words really aren't acceptable..SO, as I mutter profanities under my breath (Why is your blankety blankin heart in that weird rhythm?? Where is your gosh freakin dang vein?? Oooooh GOOD! You're coughing up big chunks of blood!...btw, I didn't use to have such a trucker-esque all started with this job!) SO, back on track...I have to come up with appropriate 'fillers'..I started with the usual: gosh, darn, dang...but those have gotten boring..and as time has passed I have moved on to words/phrases that can only be described as genteel and, well, ridiculous: Goodness gracious me! Oh Dear! Holy Hannah! Yes. It's true. I sound like I should be crocheting & sipping Earl Grey (no offense if you do either of those things..they are both very cool in their own right.)

If only I could quit swearing in the car.


Sheli said...

Oh how I miss working with you. What can I say. I love hearing your rants and your cute songs you sing all shift out of the blue. Keeps me smiling. In my book its ok to swear in the car. No one hears you but you. luv ya

Wendy Anderson said...

Oh Megs ha ha ha you are so funny!!

Kakes said...

Oh goodness. Swearing in the car. It always, always, always win. I can't control it. I hear you.