Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Out of a rut!

I've been in an exercise rut..I love to run, so I have continued to do so..but after a very 'run-full' summer I needed something new..and my knees were begging me to change things up!  I have discovered it: the kickboxing class at my gym!  Whoa!  It kicked my trash in ways that running never has..if anyone is interested in going with me I have guest passes & would love the company..you WILL be sore afterwards!


Kakes said...

Holy cow. My favorite, favorite, favorite cardio workout is kickboxing. Honest. I love it. I would go to a class with you!

Oh my gosh, the triathlon. We have until the end of the year to sign up and the prices raise, so let me think on it more and I'll let you know. If I do decide to do it for sure, I promise we will absolutely train together!! :)

Cheryl said...

BABE!!!! I would love to go!! That is so awesome...I got a tae bo tape which was WAY cheesy but it kicked my butt! Thanks for being such a great friend:) Lately it seems like alot is going on in my life and I just appreciate what a sweetheart you have been to me:) I just love ya:)!

kelly peck said...

MEGAN!! sorry i havent really been keepin up with my blog but how the heck are ya? hows the oncology floor doin without me? hasnt been too crazy right? haha that was a joke... haha i'm jealous you get to see my sister often :) but that kick boxing class sounds like a good idea i've been running too.. and i'm thinkin its time to switch it up a bit :) HOPE ALL IS WELL