Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Stacker VS Stuffer!

My hubby & I have 2 distinctly different cleaning styles.  He stacks.  I stuff.  And that was fine in our townhouse.  He happily stacked his papers & magazines & I discreetly stuffed them into cupboards & baskets every couple of days.  Then when he wanted to know where that one paper was, about that one thing in that one place, I knew I hadn't thrown it out!  It was somewhere in a couple hundred different hiding places. SO much!  

WELL, now that we're occupying J's parents' basement, my stuffing style has been slightly cramped, so to speak.  Quite surprisingly (and to my relief) I've somehow managed to decrease my anxiety about clutter, so I don't actually have mini panic attacks anymore.  BIG PLUS!  But it does still drive me a little nuts once in a while.  (On a side note, did you know that house hunting generates A LOT of paper??  It does.)  Today is one of those days that it's driving me nuts.  So wish me 'happy hunting', or whatever it is that will help me...I'm going on a stuffing spree!

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Snyder Family said...

I feel for you, we are living with Tims parents, and living with the bare min. considering that all three of us live in the room next to them. A whole new expericence. At least we both know how each other feels.