Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Loverboy!

Jeff's Birthday was on Sunday, & man do we know how to partay! :) Once again, I didn't upload the pics in any particular order..I just don't think about that till after they're uploaded! Plus, a lot of these pics are for the grandparents, & they don't care what order they're in!!

He's destined to be a Utes' fan..which is a plus, cause I like red way better than blue!

Don't mind my weird looking smile in this pic..just focus on the cute little boy!

See? Like I said: SOOO cute!

Intense Daddy/Son convo...something along the lines of 'Dad, you look like Wolverine w/ those mutton chops!' lol

Open mouth, insert fist! It never gets old!

Yummy birthday breakfast! Blueberry French Toast...mmmmmm

Jeff's been coveting this pic for a while..

Aiden enjoyed breakfast, too! I know feeding him this 'broke' a bunch of 'rules'..but rules are made to be broken, baby! Esp if bluberry french toast is involved!

MAN, those mutton chops are HOT!

Rockin' out in his Metallica onsie..already has good taste in music! haha

He's a big fan of this octopus..we need to name him..any suggestions?

Looking quite studious in his Bumbo! He loves that he can sit up for a bit on his own :)



That one girl said...

He is adorable, I love his bald little head!

Kateka said...

Love all the pics. In the last one, I feel like he is about to offer me some advice or something. :) Ha, ha. Happy birthday, Jeff!

Chelsea said...

Its so fun seeing pictures of him!

We really do need to grab some lunch. What do you think about next week?
PS. How are you so tiny after having a baby just a few short months ago...gee wiz.

Shantaye said...

What a fun birthday! I love the pic of Aiden with the blueberries on his face...he's so cute!! Can't wait to see you guys later today!

jessica.adams said...

Darn it he is getting so big!! So so cute!
Oh and tell Jeff those chops are somethin' else.