Saturday, June 26, 2010

Where's the, um, oh, wait..crap.

This story's too funny not to tell..

So, I went to the grocery store today, list in hand. My hubby's work is having a BBQ tonight & he had two dishes he wanted to take. He kindly wrote down the list of what was needed, & off to the store I kindly went, 'cause I'm nice like that :)

Once in the store I perused over the list so I could categorize it & not have to run all over the place. Vanilla ice cream, check! Diet Mountain Dew, check! Frozen raspberries..check! Wait a sec! What's that one say? I cannot read his handwriting! Ugh! So I called him, oh, 5 or 6 times. But he was out back working on our deck, & didn't pick up. OK. Fine..I'll leave that till last & call him again. But he still didn't answer. SO I decided I'd ask someone else if they could read his handwriting, 'cause sometimes a fresh pair of eyes is all it takes..right? I figured a man would have better luck, since he was, ya know, a guy. So I searched out a nice looking dude (I made a point of making sure he a wedding ring on his finger, that way my asking couldn't be misconstrued as smart am I?:)

"Excuse me, my husband wrote this list down, & I CANNOT read what this is..can you help me?"

The gentleman kindly looked at the item I was pointing at.

"Um, I think it say croutons..yeah..I"

We both realized what it said at the exact same time. His face went bright red. "Oh, crap!!" I thought. HOW DID I NOT READ THAT????!

I'll give him credit. He did mutter what it actually said as he power walked away from me.

Hope you guys are smart & can figure it out!



Shantaye said...

That is hilarious Meg!! Something like that would only happen to you!

That one girl said...

That is awesome! It's like the best prank you can pull on yourself!

Kristi said...

Darren, Scott and I are laughin'it up. Thanks for giving us something fun to talk about during our 2am lull ;)

jessica.adams said...

I was at a party with Justin's half of the family when I read this. So you provided a good five minutes of entertainment for us all. Thank you!
Things like this only happen to wonderful and unassuming people like you, Meg. I can imagine that you were horrified. What an awesome story you got out of it!

matesen said...

Alex and I read this together and were cracking up! Thanks for sharing your embarrassing moments to help us laugh-you are too kind!

Kateka said...

Is this the same visit that I saw you at? Ha, ha, ha. Amazing.

Amber said...

Best story EVER. Ha.

Chelsea said...

Oh no, that is so so funny!

Doney Days said...

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That is freakin' hilarious Meg!!! One of the best stories I've heard in a long time! That guy probably went home and updated his FB status with that story!