Monday, June 21, 2010

Shout out to my 'Home Hubby' & Chalk Art Festival!

Poor Jeff! I worked the Saturday night before Father's his first Celebration of Daddy was super lame! I was trying to sleep as much as I could since I had to be back to work that Nada. I'm sorry babe! I have to tell you guys, he is such an amazing dad! I knew this right from the start, but going back to work has made it even more apparent! I have no qualms leaving my boys at night when I go in to work, 'cause I know that Jeff has got everything under control and that our little dude will be happy, safe & loved all night :) Aiden sure loves his daddy!

Next on the agenda: Friday night we went to an awesome Chalk Art Festival hosted by Salt Lake's Foster Care Program..all these artists come & share their talent on the street that runs right down the middle of the outdoor mall! It's so fun to walk through..we went a little early in the evening, so a lot of the pieces weren't actually done, but it was still fun! We went with our friends, Mike, Shan & their little guy..we always have fun with them! Yay for good friends :)

And THAT's the father of my child...! haha

I LOVED the eyes on this one!

Cute little dude :)

Jeff invading our son's personal space!

Family pic..yay! Can I just say I love, LOVE this stroller! It makes my runs & walks SOOO great!

Aiden likes to stuff his fists in his mouth lately..even if there's a blanket in the way!

The onsie says it all! Our little boy adores his daddy..his face lights up when his pappa walks in the room :) Man, I love my boys!


That one girl said...

Nooo, he is getting too big too fast and he hasn't even met his girlfriend yet!

Yeah, BOB strollers rock!!!

Kateka said...

Holy heck Meg! You look freaking amazing. Love the last pic. Your boys are too cute.

Shantaye said...

That was so much fun! Love the pic of our husbands. Now that we are back from Powell lets get together again soon!