Thursday, May 15, 2008


As some of you may not know, smells are a big deal to me! (Jeff knows this quite well) Especially at home..I'm obsessed with making sure our little home smells good at all times..I hate cooking all things malodorous (bacon, fish, greasy things that require frying) because the stank sticks in the house (AND my hair, for that matter) and it reminds me of every abode I ever went into as a child that was grungy, poorly cared for and all together 'yucky'..I can't stand it! It makes my skin crawl. ANYHOW, the point of my whole story: Saturday Jeff made an absolutely scrumptious meal of Horseradish Encrusted was SO yummy! However, the downside, as you all can guess by now, is that the smell stuck around. And then we realized it was sticking around much longer than we expected! We took out the garbage, I put orange peels and baking soda down our garbage disposal, washed every towel in the place...the smell persisted..not in a 'puke your guts out' kind of way. But in a PERSISTENT way! Well, today, my friends, I have victory! I've wiped every cupboard and Lysol'd every coutertop..and I think I win! The smell has been evicted! If not, I'm sure you'll hear about it :)


Kakes said...

Ha, ha. Oh how funny. I didn't know that greasy smells were such unwelcomed guests for the longest time either, and you are right about the hair thing. One morning I showered and then made us some bacon and all day long my hair smelled of bacon grease. I hated it! Nice job on showing the stank whose boss!

Amber said...

Wow you have WAY more ambition than I do. I just turn on my Scentsy and BAM the smell is gone! I wish I had something that would motivate me to clean out my cupboards...oh well

Doney Days said...

I am totally the same way. I have the most sensitive nose. Sometimes it drives Dan crazy! Like when he worked the graveyard shift for Park 'n Jet and one time he'd stopped by 7-11 on his way home and got a donut. When he got home and got into bed I smelled gas station smell on him. It wasn't the gasoline smell, but the inside the store smell. I said, "did you go to to 7-11? Because you smell like it." He laughed his head off. My obsession right now is the Clean Linen scent by Glade. I have about 6 Plug-ins of that in my upstairs. Everyone that comes to my house always thinks I'm doing laundry!