Sunday, May 11, 2008

Green Thumbs!

I am extremely pleased with us (Jeff and I)..because we did some gardening yesterday! And after the digging and weeding, our yard (when I say yard, I mean small square of dirt..haha) actually looks like it could have some potential! We haven't really felt the need to do much with our back 'nook' as of lately because we're really hoping to sell our townhouse, and the yard looks clean and presentable. But yesterday, Jeff decided we should have fun with what we've got while we're here...he's always been the one 'botanically inclined' out of the two of us (he cooks, he gardens...what in the world do I do??:) SO, we researched some heat resistant plants, (our back yard tends to get quite warm in the summer, I mean, it IS the desert here, people!) went and got said heat resistant plants, and PLANTED them! (And yes, I helped!) Since I'm so pleased with our work I took some pics. I know they're nothing incredible, but I'm happy! Have a look-see!


Cheryl said...

How cute is your little yard!:):) want to come do mine???:) love ya!

Wendy Anderson said...

How fun it looks great!!