Friday, August 1, 2008


So I basically just downloaded whatever was on our camera and decided to  blog about some of the pics..haha!  So, our house in Lehi is almost done (if we actually move into it is a whole 'nother blog!) I really like the fireplace and kitchen cabinets:

Also, can I just say, I totally love our puppy!  She is such a great friend :)  Here she is just chillin' while I water our plants..she listens to everything I have to say and occasionally gives good advice!

And where would I be without red shoes??  I LOOOOOVE red shoes! Especially if they involve heels..some may think these are hideous.  I personally think they are fabulous! 

And those plants I was talking about?  Here's one of our baby rosebushes..which started out basically as a twig in the looks awesome!  All 'cause my sweet, green-thumbed hubby can make anything happy..even a rosebush!

Right-o then!  Thanks for viewing my random thoughts :)  Have a great day!


Amber said...

Your house looks beautiful! Your puppy is awfully cute too...Oh and don't forget about the red shoes! I think only your skinny little legs would look good perched up on those!

Chelsea said...

Meg, you are totally awesome. I love your random pictures, and I love that you remember when I broke my poor little foot and couldnt play soccer.

Kakes said...

Those shoes are totally sexy!

Cheryl said...

I love your red shoes!!! and I was wanting to see a pic of your puppy you always talk about...and she is adoreable!:) I miss and love you!!

Wendy Anderson said...

Your house is looking soo cute!! And your puppy is adorable! And I have also always been a sucker for red shoes cute cute!