Saturday, August 9, 2008

Provo Canyon 1/2 Marathon Trail Run!!

So, I actually got pictures of this 1/2 marathon..woohoo!! It was a really great run! Jeff and I took our toy hauler down to Provo to 'camp' overnight so we wouldn't have to get up quiiiiite so early for me to catch the shuttle bus up the canyon. We still got up at 4:40 ANYWHO, I ran with my sis-in-law, Misty, and her friend, Lilly..both awesome chicks! I decided there is very little that can beat good friends, good scenery and good tunes while running!

Misty, Lilly, and me..these girls were so fun to run with!

Um, yeah, that IS my 4 month old cute nephew, Ethan, (4 months, right Misty?) she's holding. Misty is my role model!! WOOHOO!!
My very sweet hubby, who has woken up waaaay too dang early for all my runs this summer and always smiles about it! He is the best and I love him SO, SO much!

So, we came, we ran, we conquered! I took some way cute pics of Misty's kids but since they're her children I figure I'll let her post them on her blog! haha :) We went to IHOP for breakfast after the run and thoroughly enjoyed the heck out of our pancakes! Another Saturday morning well spent!


Misty said...

Man you're quick. Can you start managing my blog. I thought I might be able to cut and paste with a few name changes. ha ha.

Thanks for hanging back and running with me. I had so much fun. The race flew by. You're my hero because you are so fast. We'll have to sign up for another one soon. But not too soon because I can barely walk.

Kakes said...

You are so awesome! I absolutely hated running races but once I was done, I was always glad I had done it. You look amazing!

Thanks for being so sweet. I feel fine now. I am sipping on OJ and love it. I can't wait to eat a real meal in a few days. That will be nice.

carrs said...

I love reading your blog. I learn so much more about you than I do at Sunday Dinners, We missed you last night. You are awesome and I am jealous that you can run so much!!

Wendy Anderson said...

Meg you are my HERO!! I wish I could run marathons and enjoy doing it!!!

Cheryl said... rock! You inspire me and you are my hero!:) I love ya much!!

Chelsea said...

Good for you girl. No wonder why you are so dang skinny. Your awesome!!

Mandy said...

I love my pedicure! That was really fun getting it with you! Oh, man packing is a BITCH. I'm almost done. I'm definitely ready to get this move over with. We should go for a run sometime. I'm trying to get back into it. Seriously think I need to run more for stress relief :)

Jen said...

Way to go!!! BTW I haven't seen you in forever, we need to get together.